Change [thank you]

To be numb was always the safest route:
there were no alternates, no endangering side roads,
a straight runway- avoidance of any emotion. 
I did not think I wanted to change,
then again, I would have never thought I wanted you.
I always wanted to be my own savior,
but sometimes a little influence is all that is needed. 
One person cannot change the entire world, 
but you changed the world for one person.
Change should never be forced, force you never used,
and by god the change I've seen in myself for the better is all thanks to you. 
Your presence has done nothing less
than spark my resurgence of care for the world.
Gratitude is undeniable and hard to explain, but because I love you,
I will do my best to remind you of the absolute
joy you've brought back to my life.

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