A change of pace.


Sing to me a song to put me asleep

Sing to me of the wicked whom rest at my feet

Light me up a match for a story I will tell

About a girl and her dreams as she tumbled down a well

Forge me a note for my sanity

Blame it on my vanity

Ponder what I will at this white wall

Stare at me blankly as I trudge, as I crawl

For as you sit there and judge

About how I do not move, how I can not budge

I will stare with a smile back at you

And all the shit you were not put through

Open my mouth with nothing to come out

For people like you when they think of people like me have no doubt

That I will be going nowhere fast

That this ill fate I am being put through will have long last

There is no hope you give and no desire

You want to extinguish all I have left. All of my fire.

And as I slowly drown in your water I think

That stories like this are written in  inedible ink

And I reader. I REFUSE. I refuse to sink.

So keep reading me. 

For I refuse to trudge and I will crawl no more

This is what I was waiting for..



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