Change Huh?


Little kids running around with their bellies full

The sun..... yes, the sun beginning to set

The kids still running around, no one is running back into their houses

it's not dark anymore.

The street lights come on and entire city is lit

Just like this, one by one every city is lit

Boys and girls gather around

its's homework time

No more candle lights and dangerous lanterns to set the house in flames

The year is 2020, welcome to Liberia

Once a polluted dark third world country

where kids went days without food

Where a blanket of darkness made every hate the beautiful sunset

Now a beautiful country, with street lights everywhere you go

Electricity in every building and homes

where every city has elcetricty and darkness no longer scares the children

where the fear of fire no longer stems from lit candles

That my friends is my hopes and my dreams

To change my native country, to bring a change that will make a difference

Not just to me or my pockets

But to the people of a country that has terrorized them for years

Man, I can see it now

Change huh?


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