Change Of Heart

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 20:13 -- eliley

Can we go back? Back to the day
that you asked me to take a chance
and I said okay?

Can we take back all the foul words we said,
and the memories we dread?

If it were only possible to re-live those days,
would you care if I changed the past,
to make this pain fade away?

If we started over, forgetting
what we allowed to become of us,
would we still fall in love the way I think we did?

Would history repeat itself and haunt us into the motions?

I suppose this is a theory I have yet to think through.
Because I wouldn't change a thing, because
without a doubt, it is inevitably you.
The one I thought I fell in love with,
for at the moment seemed true.

But as we let the world and demons corrupt us,
we lost sight of the Holy view.
And that is were you and I
went separate ways in hopes to start lives anew.

I wish I would have memorized everything
you've ever said to me.
Because back in the day, you always
knew just the right things to say.
They weren't words to make me feel good,
they were words of wisdom and guidance,
because you never wanted to see me fail.

When I needed a friend, you knew just where to begin.
Not a doubt in your mind-- you knew right from sin.

I thank you for that, my dear best friend.
I pray things are well for you, and your success does not
cease to end

I do not want to go back to what we once were.
Because it was not the love that I had dreamed of.

I want the Lords love, and
I'm willing to give what he demands of me
I'm learning to embrace the reality
The way God intended us to be.


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