Change is Forever

Change is inevitable,

Without change, we as humans have no purpose,

Change keeps people going towards the future,

if people were the stay the same, never changing,

our world wouldn't be chaotic in its wonderfulness,

our world would be an uneventful pit stop towards the after life.


Change is everywhere,

we change every single day,

we change in every single way,

we change for the better,

we change for the worse,

but we are always changing.


Change is scary,

the frightening barrier we hold in our minds,

the one that separates us from change,

the barrier that cries at the sight of something new,

it tells us we are not ready for change,

tells us the our ways of life are good,

above the barrier, we realize that change is always needed.


Change is technology,

Change is evolution,

Change is you,

Change is me,

Change is making a different in someone else's life

Change is not wearing the same piece of clothing everyday

Change is future,

Change is everything.


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