Change Delayed


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People are starving…
being slaughtered…
having to choose between family and passions…
praying to a God for their lives to taken out of their living hell…
and are continually turned away from the money and shelter they need…

Are they so insignificant?

We, as a nation where we live as one—
Under God—
Cannot spare poor souls pocket change and leftovers
from a meal we take for granted?

Our leaders have not been solving this epidemic.
They are too busy fighting for more worthy causes…

The sanctity of marriage,
the legalization of drugs,
the thought of having a child live with
parents of the same gender,
and the most important of all:
convincing the public whether or not we are
in the middle of a climate change.

Should there be a shift in our priorities?

Should we instead focus on troubles in which we can
Make a difference in a troubled soul?

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Think about my poem before hating it, if you do


People today worry over the smallest things when they need to worry about how the other half lives.

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