Change in an American Teen

Change is inevitable

Change the inevitable

Life is a repeating bell curve

Ups and downs on a massive scale

And America is on the down turn


Unemployment: 4.5%

Americans using food stamps: 41,170,000

Americans getting housing assistance: 7,676,000

Americans receiving unemployment insurance: 10,200,000

Percent of America on welfare programs: 21.1%

Americans receiving any welfare government assistance: 67,981,000

Not including the 70.5 million people on Medicaid.


A girl spends 12 years

At 6 different schools in

6 different towns

As far as 1,711 miles apart

She has dissected

Tons of different mindsets

At the base she sees

In her generation the

Same trend


Percent of America with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree: 41.9%

Percent of America with a masters or professional degree: 9.67%

Percent of students completing a 4-year degree on time: 36%

Percent of college students spending less than 5 hours studying per week: 35%

That’s 50% less time spent studying than college students just 10 years ago.


At least 6 people

Ask her to send them homework

On a given day

She is asked to sit crooked

So a peer can cheat

Her teacher stopped teaching for

The day because no

Other teen paid attention

The innate concept

Of studying for a test

Is ridiculed, because why

Go study when your

Teacher will give you answers

And let you retake

The same test later that day

She can’t focus and

Work on a daily basis

Because her peers talk through class


Number of Facebook users under the age of 10: >5 million

Americans with a cell phone: 3.7 billion

Americans with a tooth brush: 3.5 billion

Percent of adolescents who claim to have been bullied online: >50%

Percent of students who can tell a fake news account from a real one: 25%

Percent of students who mistake sponsored a real news source: >80%


She asks her peers for

Thoughts on religion and why

They chose what they chose

They say because they’re parents

Told them it’s this way

She asks her peers’ opinions

 On political topics

1 in a class of

25 has thought of one.

She asks them about

Aspirations in life while

2 people of the

156 in her class

Will go to college

Over 200 miles

Away from their home


In the bell-curve of determination in an American teen

My generation is along the downfall

And the generation before me is creating a country to support those who see

The easy path

And continue to stall


People my age have no urge or desire

To go beyond what those before them achieved

They expect and know that what they need to acquire

Will be handed to them on a silver platter

As an adult


My relationship with America grows slowly

It’s about time we go up the other side of the curve

And make changes both minute and massive

Change is inevitable

Change the inevitable


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Our world
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