Change is all

No one will ever know how I feel. 
For I cannot even explain it all.
Nobody to love. 
Nobody to blame. 
Everyone always the same.
Nothing to care about. 
No reason to lie. 
For I am me, myself, and I.
No one sees what I see. 
Nobody left to care for me.
It's kind of sad knowing what's true, 
'Cause then you know who's there for you.
Most of them just put on that act. 
A lot of them talk bad about me behind my back.
Thanks for making me feel this way, 
There's nothing more I should have to say.
All the times I was alone, 
Makes me feel weird when someone's home.
No family for support, no friends to care. 
People wonder why I don't go anywhere.
Every night crying myself to sleep, 
Sometimes I wish someone loved me.
No hope, no love, no life, no friends. 
The pain never ends.
Sometimes I ask what did I do to deserve this. 
But nobody answers.
A voice in my head tells me to forget the bad and remember good.
But then I answer to myself saying there is no good to remember. 
I always yell at myself asking why me? Why? 
Sitting in a empty spare room.
No one to talk to about how I feel. 
No one to ask me what I feel.
Is anyone out there in this harsh world we live in? 
Sometimes I begin to wonder.
Sometimes I'm harsh on myself. 
Morn comes and I wake up wishing I was never born. 
Please help others, because today's lives 
Are being taken out of this world just as easy as they are coming in. 
You can change someone's life. 
Make a change. 
It's a tough world.


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