All though it can be good or bad,

We all want the change we've never had.

It could be a change for the entire world

or the one meant for small boys and girls.

But tradition has provided a bad connotation,

and so we rely on the rest of our entire nation,

to provide some differences but we refuse,

our nation's old traditions we just can't lose. 

What exactly is the world without change? 

Are we all meant to look and act the same?

Are we meant to watch wars and all just stand by,

 so afraid to love and deathly afraid to cry.

But change is within us in a nation so conformed,

and the changes that we want we will perform.

First in ourselves and then in many more,

and on pain and hate, we will declare war.

Significantly small your change may seem, 

but it could grow in thousands if you keep your dream.

So don't ever think your single voice is unherd,

because one day we will all change the world.

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