Yes, I’m scared. Yes, I’ve always hated change. 

But it’s time. Independence, growth & a fresh start is on its way.

A brand new state with no one I know in sight. 

A campus I have only been to once.

mountains surrounding my new living; compared to living at sea level.

people from all over the United States. 

Diversity surrounding my every movement.

It’s as if I’m being reborn.

finding my true self. In which I have  consciously  always have asked the universe.

 This is what  I have dreamed of. 

 Being able to learn exactly what I want and leading into a very successful future. 

 All of the pros outweigh the cons yet I’m still in a little bit of doubt. 

 Simply because I’m scared to leave everything behind. Even though it is for the best.

I used to love change as a young child. But as I got older I enjoyed comfort over change.

 Being  consistent  with doing the same things every day,  lead me to believe that change is uncomfortable.

 Yes change is uncomfortable, but change can sprout into something so beautiful. 

 So for the light of it all, I have decided to make a change;  for my best interest.

 Life is long but at the same time it is very short. 

So might as well make the change,  allow my life story to unfold. 

 The unknown will be surrounding me throughout this change but the unknown has already been surrounding me before.

 It’s always worth making risks, When there’s a chance to succeed.

 Believe.  Believe. Believe. 

Believing is all it takes to get you to where you’re supposed to be in life.


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