A Change

I want to be goodI don't you to be goodI am trying to srive in lifeAlthough you are goneYour spirit still cast onI will smile I will continue to wait onI will smile I sleep till crack of dawnI will smileThese years has changed meBeing strong then back to weakWanting to give up My mom would'nt want thatDid I forget?My mother is deadStill young with painI was tired of this gameTears after tears Years after yearsI looked at myselfAnd wanted to changeThis is not me being sadI will struggle and be betterNew captain yea I betterSmile on my face It changed the world People were suprised The old Corey was hereBack and he better  And ready for warDepression can't hurt meI am stronger than beforeDreams finally coming trueAsking me how How I changedA year has that affectI am proudly gayI will smile    


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