Thu, 12/22/2016 - 19:26 -- Je5us75

I've found that change is a messenger,

And it only brings the thing's we've set for.

I've found surprizes this year, like every other,

But each was not really anything new, but set.

I learned to love the new things that came:

New characters, new lifestyles, and a new me.

And I learned that there was a new hate:

Disagreements, rocked expectations,

And too many things to digest.

There was so much newness in the world

That we forgot that every year is the same.

We made resolutions, we took things as

They came and went, and we found that

To make new things we had to get rid

Of what we had been harboring too long.

I always felt like some small fish

In a big ocean, letting the tides take me

Wherever they pleased. But I found that was

A beauty.

There were shifts and currents that took

One Herculean fight to the next one.

And with every one we grew.

This year had its set journey.

It would enter another mass division,

Another global panic,

And another popular insecurity.

But aside from these faults, it entered

A more global connection,

An awareness of its faults,

And a drive for greater change.

For me, well, I entered college,

I met new people, and I learned.

In more detail: I graduated high school

As a low-income, migrant-family scholar

After being told to drop out by a teacher,

Who taught the class I needed for

Every college admission.

I passed the class with four clubs to attend,

Six AP Exams, one competition, and

Mountains of homework.

I was accepted into the best public university,

Faced racism, bullying, and harassment,

Stood my ground, and went above it.

I overcame the rigor of a new life.

I joined the mass and learned to swim

Around the adversities that were there

To set me back.

This year was set with change that was brought

Together by the clash of tides.

They were found by our awareness.

And whatever happened next was everyone's doing

Mixed as we tried to find a change.

This was the change of the year.

This was my year.

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