The game of life is ever changing

And as such I have changed.

How petty it all seems now

The things I worried about a year ago

And I'm sure my worries now will be petty a year from now.

I was so worried about impressions

How I looked,

What I said,

How I presented myself,

It doesn't matter, I've come to realize

No one here cares,

No one ever did.

It was all a silly trick played upon me by myself

By my own over thinking mind.

I focused on little details,

Getting the lines of my letting just right,

Fixing my English Essays until looking at them made me sick,

Stressing about marching band.

Petty petty petty,

None of that means anything now, and will never mean anything in the future

Yet there I was

Worrying about it.

I didn't worry about the election nearly as much,

I never thought that Trump would win,

But now he's impacting my future and I have to worry.

Worry worry worry.

Petty petty petty.

How pitiful this will seem in a year,

How lackluster my current life will seem,

Meek in comparison to my goals ahead of me.

In the past I was ignorant of the true problems

I wonder now if I've truley change

Heh, who cares really though

So long as I play the game of life right

It doesn't matter how I go about.

My past didn't pay attention

But now I feel all too aware yet not enough

I have yet to learn things,

See things,

Experience the truth,

So really I guess I haven't changed much.

I haven't worried about the important things that I need to

Because I'm still ignorant in my future self eyes

Time may seem wasted a year from now

My problems petty.

I may look back as I am now and think of myself as the same

But that doesn't mean I don't have meaning in my words,

My thoughts,

My feelings,

It just means I'm not seeing what I need to.

I haven't changed one bit in that aspect,

My view has just been shifted,

Thoughts altered for the situation,

But really I haven't changed.

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