I look around

Everyone tries to fit in

even me

Why so judgemental

Everyone should be able to be who they want to be

instead of being someone else

I feel like a different person

What is wrong with me?

why am like this?

I have a two face

I'm a christian in my home

Im someone else outside

I'm a christian at church

Im someone else at school

Im a christain hanging out with youth friends

Im someone else hanging out with school friends

I hate it

But then again i don’t

I like kisses and bites

But then again i don’t

I just want to be loved

Someone to like me back

and never leave

I'm not afraid of losing someone that i don’t really like

But i am afraid of losing u

Ever since i did it once i wanna do it again

Why can’t i stop?

No one will like me for who i am

Everyone will just like me cause i let them touch my body

I shouldn’t be like this

But I am

I need to change

But every single time i say that

it doesn’t work out

i keep falling

I keep failing

And  i will continue to fail

No matter how much i try to not fail

I always do

I am seriously sorry

But somehow i can’t stop

I don’t know why


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