I was a powerless scared little boy
I remember seeing my parents fighting
I heard yelling, screaming, and cursing
I saw tears bursting on my mom’s face like fireworks burst into the sky
I worried that their marriage was over
I thought that I would have to choose
But, I want change
I am a strong independent person who fights for what he believes in.
I think the world is beautiful even though life is hard
I need to know that it is not my fault
I try to not cry and stay strong
I feel sorrow and frustrated because it seems like there is no way out
I forgive my mom and dad
Now I can change
I will be a person who never gives up
I choose to love my parents no matter what
I dream that my family will stay together, but sadly that dream is lost in the air
I hope that my life stays great with all the people I love
I predict that I will be happy with my mom and dad even if we are not together
I know that I will be as strong as a lion and stay that way no matter what

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