She's the one who cries to sleep at night.

She's the one who's soul is tearing from inside,

The one who desires a life with plenitude of happiness and candy,

And that she hadn't been abandoned at a young age by her daddy.

She's the one who hates waking up every morning

Because she knows she'll get called names at school.

She beseeches for a better tomorrow

Yet, she knows tomorrow will be the same tragedy.

And still you urge to ask why she uses that cutting tool?

Her life has been torn into pieces

By a guy who says she's worthless and ugly.

He shoves her to the wall and she ends up bloody.

Washes and covers up the blood without speaking a word.

We ignore this situation thinking this nonsense will stop,

When in reality it just increases to the point where

She decides to end her life rationalizing it's the only way out.

We now realize it's too late to make a change.

But why not take an early step and prevent this from happening?

It's time to stand up and make a change.

A change that will impact the whole nation

And people will stop their ignorance for such.

Where bullies will realize they've done wrong

For making such a crime that made an innocent girl

Think that quitting was her only way out.

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