The Change


When my limbs don’t move and my blood goes cold,
When my time is done and my tale is told,
What will they think of me?

Will they rejoice in my life and praise my great acts,
Or will it just pass over like a well-known fact?
How will they remember me?

I don’t want to live like every other girl.
I want to love and help this world.
How will I make a change?

There is too much violence, hurt, and hate.
I want to be the one who stops to appreciate.
How can I reach those around me?

The liars, the thieves, those who are in need,
The orphans, the homeless, the broken hearted,
The weird, the lonely, and disregarded-
I want to show them love.

I don’t want to watch and wait another day.
The price had been paid,
And I’m ready for change.


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