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I am a teenager.

My soul is like the surface of the sun.

It's always changing and rearranging, and each day my heart runs to the beat of a new drum.

Just like every teenager, I am enlightened and exposed to new things.

I can't resist this force that drives me to new heights, it effects all teenagers, so why should I fight?

Change is occurring every day, and each morning my path seems to lead me a new way.

I am a Senior.

I long for independence.

I reach for the stars, and I am ever so close to touching the moon.

My parents feel I have grown up too soon.

I can't say honestly that I don't look back, because the future fills my sails and the past supports my mast.

I sail towards adulthood, and leave that little kid behind. I open my new wings, and learn how to fly.

I am a man.

I'm supposed to live up to standards.

But I don't really care, so I follow my hearts desire.

Let others persecute me, and throw me into a fire.

I won't back away from the truth, and fight back the tears.

Those tears kept me going, and will continue for many years.

I'm expected to be strong, and not allowed to be weak, but deep down inside you'd see that I'm very meek.

I am Nathan.

I was born in a average family.

I live in an average home.

I live an average life,

but I have outstanding goals, and I will achieve them with all my might.

No one will stop me, or stand in my way,

because change is what drives me, each and every day.


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