If I could change one thing, it'd be bullying.
People constantly hurt eachother
They don't realize the pain it causes one another
They make you feel worthless
Make you feel out of place
It could be through social media, 
Or even in your face.
Your peers may see what's going on
They'll just laugh along to "fit-in"
Nobody stands up for you but yourself
What's the definition of a "true friend?"
Who knows?
If bullying continues,
you might put your life to an end.

It can be the slightest comment,
Or the cruelest one,
That will make you insecure,
From "fat, dumb, ugly, and stupid"
Receiving these comments from regular, imperfect people
As if they're immaculate and pure.

Without bullying
The world would be a better place
But will bullying ever actually stop?
Or is it a never-ending race?




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