Growing up with ones you love, and that love you

making friends in a new school growing with the ones close to you as they grow too

having fun, laughing and smiling as the days go by


Unfortunate situations plague the youthful

dealing with change and sadness in a moment of newness

keeping hope and love for those in need

friends there for you and having your back


Relief for the comfort of good news and being able to breath

making your way to the finish line once again with reassurance

to fall and get back to build relationships and to have few fall apart

coming into the person you want to be and to have a change in views


Waking up to a nightmare and realizing that its true

fighting for something you haven't clue what it is

change that you wish wouldn't wish to happen

pain that could be unimaginable to handle


The fateful truth of a loved one being sick

not being able to do anything about it

struggling to regain hope and strength to be there for your loved one

the change of hope to hopelessness and strength to weakness


Feeling loved by the sick

death of a loved one changes a view how little time there is left

growing from the pain and darkness, feeling the emptiness of the loved one

the unknown at my hands, coldness seeping in, falling


Waking, feeling, moving on, growing, changing

summer goes by, with a vast quickness

realizing that pain decreases with time and time goes by faster than one realizes

hope to regain who I am and who I was, but to never be the same again


Loving, missing, caring and loosing lessons that have strengthen me,

have allowed me to grow

seasons pass, time flies and spring comes,

the end to the beginning anticipation to the change that is to come

Change can be a good thing, meeting new friends

Change can be a bad thing, loosing a loved one

Change, a coming to a end

Change, only the beginning

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