The Challenge


It was a challenege 

A challenege i had to face 

To overcome my fear 

Off being disgraced by the human race

This challenege right here

Is one they'll never forget

It will be lodged in there head

Until there time comes near

They told me once they told me twice

But it never broke through the ice 

It stayed suspended in air

Without a care 

They told me again and again

But i refused to give in

To accept the fact

That my challenge was here

To stay on a path that was oh so familiar 

Or to venture down a new one

This challenge right here 

Is oh so tempting i swear 

But maybe i'm afraid

Of what might happen

Of the truth that would be told

The truth that i already know

But too scared to say it was so

That time has come near

To face the unknown

To tackle this fear 

Of being disgraced by the human race

My challenge is here

My challenge is now

And if i don't start it

I'll never know where it'll end

What the outcome will be

Even though i know what it is

Waiting for its chance to show

Stepping through the doors of the unknown 

Waiting for my future to be told


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