A Certain Mindset

Some call her crazy, but others call her tough. Her presence is commanding.  Her body is a piece of artwork coated in a pallet of black, blue, and purple. Upon the slip of a finger she instinctively slams her body into a forceful position ready for the impact about to come. The impact of one misfired shot explodes into her face mask, sending her into a world of momentary confusion. But no pain is great enough to remove her from her state of determination and drive. She enters into a certain mindset that few will ever experience. Fear radiates off her opponent and keys her into what move she will make next. As she calmly strides out to meet her defense, her composure and attire represent that of a general dressed for battle. The smoothness in her voice cools her fellow soldier’s nerves as the blistering sun beams down upon them. Victory is just within reach. With one strategically crafted call, the battle is over and she has won. Some call her crazy, but others call her a catcher. 


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