Celestial stardom

1000 white lights like Christmas trees
Grow dim as the night wanes
Across the moonlit sky
The luminous atmosphere
Bags of me to ask it why
East twinkle is like an answer
Of its own surmise
Black gives way to blue hues
And the Moon to the sun now too
Jumping ever higher
Above the mountainous backdrop
The Moon is all but gone
And I hold it in my bosom
Like a lover whose heart expired
Street lights click off
One by one
And the sun runs
Across the midwestern landscape
Pressing on despite the lingering cold
Like a skier with his two metal poles
Glittering politely off reflecting snow
I miss the night
With all its celestial stardom
And it's regal constellations
Ethereal in manifestations
I bid them farewell
As they completely Wade
Into the blueness
Sparrows chirp " hello "
As pigeons ruffle their feathers
They look a bit disheveled
As if they've been through some particularly nasty weather
Maybe they have
And I just wasn't clever real
Enough to witness their masterful endeavors
Sparkling dew drops Fall off
Countless red rose's flower petals
Waiting to be absorbed by mother Earth
In all her splendorous childbearing
It's unfathomable her spiritual worth
She's not just temporal as you'd expect
Even though she never takes a breath
She gives life to all.......... Even we
A little lower than the angels

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Our world
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