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I see people all around me

They love making life

better for their self

some for ourselves

but not for others

It’s a life where

Everyday is show and tell

about how what you have done

has significance in and of itself

You take a look closer, what is it? What’s wrong?

Some people who want to help

were victims of the problem all along

Sure they speak well, talking flamboyant clucks

but when they’re all alone they’re like cold ducks

So never let a hypocrite help you

They will quack about how they make you new

They will quack to make they’re name a world view

But did anything happen along the way

That actually benefitted you today

We all are humans

Let’s be responsible for ourselves

and stop living life like show and tell

Let’s humble and forgive and accept the gift of grace

Through each other through ourselves and through our own face

Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart

To truly put others first as we make a new start




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