Cause and Effect

All that reigned primarily in his mind was getting home fast
Getting home to his woman’s loving and waiting arms,
To the comfort of his puffy couch,
To gaze upon the towering screen,
Feel his woman’s hair caressing his face,
As she rested her head on his chest.

He ran to the gate with the keys in hand,
Ignored a neighbor’s greeting as he fumbled and jimmied the lock,
Ignored the fast approaching chicken that was squawking what could’ve only been,
“Don’t lock me out I beg of you”
“I don’t want you squawking outside my window”
He thought as he quickly locked the gate behind him.

What he didn’t know was that a hungry hound was after the chicken,
And that he would have saved the bird’s life had he cared to observe.
What he didn’t know,
Was that his woman’s loving and waiting arms,
Were busy loving and waiting on another.
The comfort of another’s couch was caressing her behind.
Her hair was caressing another’s face.
Her head was rested on another’s chest.

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