Catching Salt In A Sandstorm


United States
37° 30' 15.9912" N, 77° 27' 52.0596" W
Lost Like A Grain Of Salt In A Sandstorm.
Living Life Without Proper Purpose.
Staring Into A Reflection And Seeing The Unknown.
My Identity Like A Stranger To Myself.
Helpless Like A Wounded Cub,
At The Mercy Of A Society Designed To Decide Fate.
I Escaped The Rain and Hail, of The Storm Of Misinformation.
I Found Myself Through Enlightenment And Meditation.
With A Crack of Thunder, I Cleared The Clouds and Misconceptions.
Once Again Reborn
I Was Not Helpless.
Fortified By A Purpose
A Blooming Flower Of Desire,
I Have Dedicated My Journey:
To Finding The Salt In The Sandstorm,
To Helping Heal The Wounded Cubs,
To Help Others Staring Into The Unknown,
And To Tell Them That Society Has No Strings On Them;
That Like Me, Only They Can Clear The Clouds,
But Unlike Me They Don't Have To Be Alone.
I Know Who I Am.
I Am A Friend.
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