The Catalyst


421 Providence Club Dr Monroe, GA 30656
United States
33° 53' 28.0464" N, 83° 46' 32.43" W

Bring forth the catalyst,
Revealing cause, unearthing lies,
Impulsing colossal masses.
Break the chains that keep our tongues confined,
Forthwith commence syndication.
We are not deceived of the mind
To your corruption.
We are not deceived of the mind,
You want to victimize?

Brace yourself,
The storm is coming.
No wall to keep us out,
No sanction hindering.

Counterbalance ascendancy and choose
Integrity over aptitude.
Become the groundbreaker,
Live up to your words,
Live up to your words.

Fading faces die,
What will live?
Defiance that will undermine
The criminal from the inside.
Our one true hope will devise.


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