Castles to Cancer


Castles to Cancer

I am on top of the world

Nik, my cousin, and I can go anywhere, be anything

The only restraint is the back yard, but thats okay, we do'nt need to leave the house to travel.

We just shipped over to Africa to go on a safari

Yesterday we walked through Belgium and found an abandoned castle

Tomorrow we might even move to Paris to open a tiny coffee shop


Every day was a new adventure, and the outcome was all up to us.

No pain or hurt could touch us, because in the world of our making, it was just not there.


Granny isn't dying when she plays with us.

My sister is a normal teenager.

Nik's parents are happy together.


The world we created was so amazing, because everything wrong was turned right.


The naivete we possesed then is long gone now.

It is so imperative for us to stay on track for college.

There isn't time to visit our sactuary.

We have to study.

We are forced to face real life; no time for our haven.

We need to work if we want to succeed, if its even a possibility.

It probably isn't.

We might be destined for failiure and not even know it.


Although sometimes I get an idea

An idea where I think that there might be a chance.

A chance that we may one day become as happy and as innocent as we once were.

Maybe find some solace in a job, or relationship.

We can still try to regain the virtue of youth.

Everything can't be done and over considering we just begun.


We have to chance to change our lives, and make a difference.

Instead of a safari to Africa, we could discover the cure to cancer.

Instead of our abandoned castle, we become an advocate for world peace.

Our cafe can turn into a woman's refugee center.


We aren't blocked from everything thats wrong in the world anymore.

Are innocence is gone.

But we don't need to accept that, and let it hurt who we are.

Instead, we can change it. 




This is so creative! The format you wrote this poem in is memorable. It stands out from the sea of people. Plus, the story you told throughout the orem is interesting and keeps the reader interested.

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