Cash Flow-ing

Started out,

Observation of 2 other entrepreneurs,

Watching them make money,

Started to burn my head.


Knowing I had the ability,

Match them head on instead,

Asking friends to join me,

Enterprise of fast money back then. 


They backed down in bottle,

Because of  Mr Big,

'Fuck him' and 'others', I said,

'We can match um, this ain't their rosy patch'. 


Going it alone was easy,  I can plan my fate,

Just like snatch.

Starting with hash was easy,

Charlie was looming.


Importing came a calling,

Getting crazy,  

Getting a firm of rascals,

Next thing to do. 


Being 2 steps away,

From product,

Made things,

Much easier to do. 


Cash, girls and holidays,

Marks of the day,

How this lifestyle captures you,

Ain't easy to walk away. 


Everyone wants to know,

In a certain flash,

He's the man, the boy on fire,

Fuck me what a rise, couldn't catch. 


To say this life is real, is a real fake.

To wake up,

Smell the coffee,

Not a huge mistake.


On the straight and narrow,

Definitely a strange thing, these days, 

Being strapped for cash and hungry,  ceratinly a

large 'U' turn to do. 


Neck no longer hurting,



Looking for 'the boys in blue'.


Fear of the feds,

Broken in this crazy town, 

I'm glad I'm out,

That it's over,  I don't want to be taxed.


Game is different,


Weren't the rules,

We played.


Yet, miss the good times,


sex and money,

What I long for too. 


Maybe I can try it,

Just one more time,

Not as sharp as before,

Still want to shine.


What if things went wrong,

Could I cope with the debt?

Better to stay on this path,

How will I ever cope.?


Pushing myself onto pastures new,

Focus of the day,

Writing verses of rhyme and reason,

Funny thing, i'll say. 


Many a story I can with share you,

With you all some time,

But for now I will say its been a journey,

Many mountains to climb. 


Wouldn't recommend,

Path for any,

Young man,

Any man like me. 


Problems a many,

Had to face, 

Glad t'is a farewell,

That risky dark reverie.








This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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