The "Care or Sell" Carousel

When the world comes crashing down

Out comes your knight in shining nightgown

Yet he doesn't know how 

To save his own damsel's crown.


The king must declare war

Men young and old must serve

All must contribute

To the pool of blood on the floor


Women to the cellars

Children by their side

No one knows what they could do

But why even try?


On the cowardly field

You must prove your strength

You're not really a man 

So, What's your dress length?


Slaughter versus salvation

All must place their bets

If you fail to do so

It's off with your head.


This kingdom starts to fall

The boys begin to stall

But where are the "men"

They were stuck in the cellar throughout it all.


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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