They had me…

They had me…

They had me on my knees… begging for me to return back

Begging to redo my shameful mistake

To redo my past

To redo the few minutes that I had… to regain their trust.

In a second I let my enemy over take this thing called, “My Body!”

I let this enemy escape, because I was too much of a coward to be BOLD!

My God told me to be honest, and to show the world His Light!

Instead I let my fears over take this temple called, “My Body!”

“No, I am just a visitor.”

“No, I’ve never stayed more than a year in the State”

No this No that!

They were all lies, but whatever allowed me to run to my family without these officers

capturing me was my answer!

I shamefully could not stop… because being stuck in my foreign country was not an


Florida was all I ever known.

It became my home.

It is where I’ve grown up, it is where I found my first love, it is where I became Who I am


How can I stand still when the U.S. immigration officers robbed away the only card that

allowed me to stay legally?

I have fallen in love with my small town, and now I’m begging you to please let me


I have lived into this country for more than 11 years, and I was rejected like a repulsive

taste of saliva.

I had a 4.3 GPA, one of the highest ranks in my school,

But it means Nothing when you’re an immigrant who’s not in the system.

My strength and my efforts crumbled every time I got denied for loans, scholarships, and

financial aids.

I felt like a ghost who was wasting her life away in the country she once called hers.

A ghost who wanted to be seen, but who didn’t have the power to make herself visible.

So I left, I left Florida so I could start my new life in Canada.

I left so I could receive an education, and become a Woman that would help transform

the world. I left…and the door slammed shut behind me.

I turned back, and it was too late.

I was cut off from my relatives, parents, and family. I was cut off from my teachers,

advisors, and friends. I was cut off from my elementary school, middle school, high

school, and even college.

How can you easily shut the door so quickly, behind a girl who has grown to love and

adapt Florida, as her own?

You don’t have to transform me into an American Citizen, but I beg you to please cancel

my 5-year arrest, so I can see my family and friends during my school vacation.

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