Captivity By: Victoria Garcia-Talbott

Fri, 06/06/2014 - 14:08 -- tgarcia


I  looked in the mirror, and

the haze of a reflection is unclear

Barley I see that the thing staring back at me was a ghost

a distance memory, nothing but a hoax.

She was a fraud, someone who was not me;

I was genuine, real, and was desperate to be free from her captivity.


Haunted by her darkness that was always in the back of my mind,

and I, who was a lonely child, was blind.

Blinded by what I thought was care, friendship, and love.

How naive was I to fall in to her traps, innocent like a dove.

And similar to a dove I was shot down, lured injured into her dark, demonic gravity

I was senseless, fooled, and fell into her suppressed captivity.


Matured now I see how misguided I have been,

the realization of this mistake makes me blush with chagrin.

All the hate, all the pain that I have caused with her on my shoulder,

awakens me to a new world one where I can no longer hold her.

A world free from her, was a weight that was lifted,

and I thank God for the mightiness which he has gifted.

He gave me the power to obliterate all her sources of evil,

and to let me run from her threatening  upheaval.

I do not like to remember her for she is forever long forgotten by me

I do not care, for I am no longer her slave, her puppet, and in her captivity.


Who was I blinded by what I thought was care, friendship, and love.

How gullible was I to fall in to her infernal traps, but now I am above.

No longer will I be stone, from looking into those devilish eyes

I am free from her slithering wrath, and I hope she dies.

I know her tricks, for now I am relinquished of her damnation, and of her demonic activity.

No longer is she free to roam in my mind, because It is my turn, my turn to be free, and I will be forever  free from her captivity.





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