Captivating Love


United States
37° 14' 32.7156" N, 76° 39' 51.7428" W

What's there to do when you are on my mind
Every thought seems to only be of you
I see the truth but yet I still am blind
What I feel is real and my heart is true
My heart and mind seem to be in a war
A war that I know will never be won
Emotions are bursting in full galore
Look at all of the damage you have done
Just a simple touch makes my heart beat fast
Your lustful smile begins to consume me
My mind keeps warning me that this won't last
But my heart keeps fighting to disagree
So I'm still sitting here contemplating
I'm trapped by love and it's captivating



Bravi! Been there, done that. =) Keep writing, it heals.


Thank you so very much :) this was my first sonnet

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