A lonely dove with a broken wing

A violin with one, tuneless string. 

A lowly waif on a cobblestone street,

A wilting rose in the summer heat.
A ship with ten anchors, yet not one oar,
A heart that had forgotten how to love anymore. 
A child, alone, and afraid of the dark
Suddenly captivated by a glowing spark.
Out of the darkness you came to me,
From my heart's desire and my soul's greatest dream,
You burst through the darkness, with your piercing light
Shattered my loneliness, stole my fright.
You sang to me in the sweetest way,
The melody of your laughter fills my day.
Thoughts of your touch warm my night. 
As I dream of when I can hold you tight, 
Gladly, I lay me down to sleep, 
I pray to The Lord, that my heart you will keep. 


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