Captain Frog

Captain Frog









Go planet!”

Earth: As green as the eye can see

the amphibian lurks in by the sea.

Fire: The warmth of a tadpole between the mother’s side.

The power of a one “frog” green team. Side BY Side.

Wind: Scatters the eggs to be independently brighter

making new Amphibian families Louder. Separated by distance - Weaken.

Water: Frogs, Toads, Amphibians untied. Kept at peace by the sun’s kiss beauty.

A massive organ bow’s to the hoppers of the land

that provides all that is needed.


“We protect and service.”

We have the hands have you not heard?

Frogs need our help.

Our Generation knows What Frogs Are

What about the next Gen?

Apart of the earth heros

As a green hero once said
“Ribbit Ribbit”

and hopped on the Lily petals that floated away.

“Ribbit Ribbit”

with a Big capital “C” engraved on his tiny little cape

“Ribbit Ribbit”

As the green hero drifted out into the horizon

What would you do to help the frogs?


“Go Planet!”

Save The Frogs


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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