Capable fears

Desolate and despairing, though this world may be, 

At least we are fortunate to brave it with another.


And whilst my voice they won't hear and my face they may not see, 

The pain, and destruction I cause will be enough to smother, 

Thoughts of tiny minds, insignificant despite their unusual capabilities,

Of love and care, causing them sweet, delectable sorrow,

Fear of pain causing them to shy away from my hostilities,

I'll destroy their minds and their bodies, I'll narrow,

Their airways and pierce their veins, they'll never see the light again,

Apart from when it drains from their eyes. I'll teach them to crave,

Numbing and delightful death, to see no more bloodstains,

I'll know what joy is when I feel them drained and send them to an early grave.


And yet the pain will seep throughout my bones it will drip out of every orifice, 

With the war that rages within, incapable to keep my wits, stay remotely sane, 

But he doesn't care, he enjoys it, savours the moment in the body that is his, 

Taken from innocence and ripped apart, infected the soul, threw out the brain.

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