Can't Say No

When he talks to me

my heart stops.
I can't see
my vision locks.
I feel myself falling 
into the deep pit.
His words keep me clinging
onto my last wit.
I need to stop initiating
the conversations that keep us going.
Like the ears that weren't hearing
and the heart that wasn't slowing.
He thinks he can get whatever he wants,
and when he asks I can't say no.
The look on his face haunts
and I just can't say no.
I'm on a high when he's around,
but feel like I'm going to die later.
He drags me in so I'm bound;
my heart is such a traitor.
My brain knows what's best!
But I can't say no.
To him I'm just another conquest,
but I can't say no.
I just can't say no.


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