Can't Say I Need Help


Frustration builds and I'm kicking myself

I've procrastinated on the project again, and my anxiety rises

I only do this to myself because, I have anxiety issues

Due dates only make it worse

I can't ask you to change the due date

I can't tell you I cried over my grades

I can't tell you that I make things seem harder than what they actually are

You can't possibly know how I feel, but you can try

Teachers are supposed to care for their students and look out for them

Throughout my whole school career I only found one I could confide in

Yet I need more opinions and views on my situations in life

I need help from many teachers and friends, than just one teacher and a few friends

I want

I need

To know how to get through life

The advice for happiness

To rid myself of my anxieties

My anxiety is getting to me and it's a stressful year

Highschool is ending and I am worrying

All I do is sleep instead of seeking help

I'm afraid that they will reject my plea or make me feel ill

"Buck up, kiddo. The school year is almost over."

But that's the thing

The school year is almost over and I'm not ready to start the game of life

So I sit and look at the wall all day 

Trying to escape my anxiety and blocking out my emotions

It isn't healthy, but I need the help

I just wish they can notice me crumbling


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