Can't Live Without

Can’t Live Without

By Thao-Cathleen Vo


Can’t live without

Love, because

Without love what is life?

Why continue to breathe if

No one wants to hold your hand and

Reassure you, Show you,

You mean something to this world.

You’re not just a nuisance.


Can’t live without

That warmth that ejects

When someone touches your heart

For simply asking how you are.

Have you ever felt that?

The kindness in humanity

Within all life’s insanity?


Can’t live without


Who understands my pain

Or at least tries to stop me from using a blade.

Without love

There’s no life

For life is a bitch,

It’s tough, but

Know that it’ll all be alright.


Can’t live without

The racing in my chest

When you send me a message

Or crying out my name when

I’m lost in my darkness.


Love is my light,

And can’t live without it.



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