Knife carving into the soft squishy flesh; blood dribbling off the plate.

Letting out a faint subtle sigh, admiring his handiwork.


So many ways to prepare the dish, but yet his favourite was raw.

The taste was so rich this way, always making his mouth water.


Just the sound of the saw cutting through the bone made him excited, oh so excited!

But one has to be patient, eating before dinner will spoil ones appetite after all.


Gloves that were meant to be used lay on the messy floor, as he pulls the meat from the bone.

He doesn’t have time to be neat nor clean and besides its more fun this way.


Hands on is the way he likes it.




Oh, fingers~they taste best with caramelized onions and just a bit of garlic powder with pepper.


He’ll have to make that dish another time…

Maybe he could even serve it to others, they’ll never know anyway...


Throwing a slab of fresh muscle onto the platter with the rest of the fine meats.

He took in a breath of air, nose filling with the scent of death~beautiful.


He finishes, setting down his utensils, picking up the platter and making his way upstairs.

He sets the dish on his table, moving over to wash his hands.


He strides over to his drawer picking out his finest silverware, as well as a serviette.


And atlas; dinner was ready.


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