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I saw her body for what it was, her tender skin, her juicy rump- a hunk of meat. While others longed to caress her soft curves,
Cold fingers Lost soul Goosebumps trail the cold Eyes engulfing the tales Dragon lungs Words lost but the language spoken Echoes enchantment of traveling mirrors Always for knowledge of the truth
Knife carving into the soft squishy flesh; blood dribbling off the plate. Letting out a faint subtle sigh, admiring his handiwork.  
I am black and white and small, And so is the world.  
Why is it that we assume that only humans are destined for greatness, That only we are allowed to live freely and love freely
Would you like a sweet bowl of Caesar salad with your murder? I mean, your filet mignon, ma'am What the hell are you looking at, Little Missus Banker's Wife?
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