They say everyone has a testimony, and a story that will break your heart. My little sister had cancer. Her hair would fall out and she was weak, so fragile that it was hard for her to walk. I couldn't understand at first why God had chosen her. And i couldn't stand to watch the pain she was in, the pain that was in her eyes. Her childhood life was not so Christmasy and pleasant, traveling, camping and toys, her memories were of the hospital visits, I.V.s and blood transfusions. I remember it like it just yesterday when it first started when we first found out the bad news. My mom broke down in tears. She wasn't laughing, she worked hard and she cried. And there were days when I went to God and asked "why?" At first it was the way she was always getting pretty bad bruises. We didn't think anything was wrong so we payed no mind until they started showing up almost everywhere and places they didn't belong. like under her armpits or in her scalp. Then there were constant nosebleeds. Her form of cancer was acute Lymphatic Luekemia(ALL) which was curable. She started chemotherapy immediately, to stop the cancer from getting worse. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday she was in the hospital for treatment. The rest of the week she was at home to get rest completly powerless and weak. But as time past she was in remission in nine months. Things were back to normal up until my freshman year in highschool when i came home and saw my parents home sitting on the couch. I knew something was wrong because their usually at work around the time i get home. But I saw them on the couch crying, when i saw the tears i knew my worst fears had come true. The cancer was back. We had all thought that we had beaten it but they found a canerous tumor in her chest so she had to go through surgery. It was painful seeing her in so much pain. After the surgery as months past her health was steady and we just prayed that God would continue to bless and keep our family whole again.


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