It's a strong word. Very strong actually. 

It's a word that can bring about emotions that are so heavy, even the strongest of people can't hold them.

Shock. Uncertainty. Devestation. Desperatness.

That moment when a person walks into the office belonging to a person whom they believe can help them, but says this: You have cancer.

I would imagine that usually, very little follows that statement. Possibly a few words, maybe sobbing. But nothing more.

I want to be the person behind the desk to tell my patient that there is hope. 

There is a cure.

I want to see their face light up. The tears come to a hault. Knowing their thoughts have immediately changed form whatever they were previously.

I want to be the person who can take a strong word, and change it into hope.

Pursuing a field of oncology will be long and rigorous, but nothing great comes easy.

I feel that no matter how much work it takes, no matter how many years of school, no matter how much stress, it would all be worth it to hear those genuine words out of a mouth that was once in great need of help:

Thank You. Thank you for saving my life.

And I would say, "It's what I live for." 








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