Can you imagine?


Can you imagine this world that wakes up right before our eyes

The trees shake, the sun shines, and the grass never dies

Can you imagine Being able to stand for what you believe in ?

And the light coming, coming from within

Birds come up the window pane, and little children chase it

Can you imagine war not happening because it is fighting fire

Religion doesnt seperate friendship, and God tells us we are all equal

Can you imagine women lowering their gaze toward men?

And teenagers not rushing to grow up so fast because they are so serious

Especially, in such a young age where it is possible for their innocent hearts to break

Can you imagine living that dream where race, color, and skin is together

It may clash, but it harmonizes together like different instruments, despite invisibility

Where there is no cliques, because we are all special individuals who don't need labels

Can you imagine living for the civil rights and having the opportunity to be who we truly are?

The stars are in the night sky and twinking and all your wishes actually come true

Can you imagine being happy with the little things we have, when surrounded by those we love?

And not complaining about money and people, children free from abuse, segregation, and bullies?

Can you imagine not liking object but people?

Where we turn our phone off and have a face to face conversation understanding ones emotion

And looking them in the eye while not being judged and defined by one mistake

We are accepted of your flaws, and boosting each other's self - esteem everyday

Can you imagine the US government providing to the poor, our life in a pursuit, freedom not only for just americans?

Where immigrants are also free and when they are Americans, treated with respect of equality

The educated being friends with the uneducated to help ligt them up and men not falling for false looks

Where we can be natural, not artificial, where love is earned not won, and where we love the inside and outside!

Can you imagine?

Perhaps if so, we can certainly make a difference..

I can only imagine..


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