Can You Hear Me?

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 07:56 -- Kiomay

Just for a moment. Listen. What do you hear?

Because when I'm with you, around you, near you. I feel like I'm a failure. Like anything and everything I do is a fucking fail and then I begin to feel worthless and unappreciated. So I walk away. I hide away. I stay away. I stay in my room where I am free from the judging eyes. I stay away from the world and I shut people out. Because here, there, everywhere there are fucking judging eyes, waiting, just peering just outside these doors, waiting for an opportunity to eat me up at any given time and moment. Do you know what? How to become less afraid. Become angry. Because when you are angry, you become blinded to the things around you. You fear nothing in our way but your sole objective. So become angry, angry at the whole fucken world. But words of caution, don't stay there too long, else anger, like the rest of the world, too will eat you up.


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