Can you actually teach us, please?



I'm really glad right now

that I finally get to say
all the things that I couldn't
back in da school days
when, you know, your teacher didn't teach shit
but if you said anything then you'd just get hit
with a rude remark and probably a bad grade
so you just held it in and hoped the anger would fade
but now, haha!, it's my turn to talk
and let you know how much you sucked
cuz you always came to class late
while making the students sit there and wait
looking like fools with nothing to do
when, in fact, you know that's not true
we had so much homework, thanks to you
but didn't know how to do it, which ain't cool
And why didn't we know, you ask?
first of all, it was NOT because of our own lack
of skills or effort or knowledge
but because you were the toughest part of college
never posting the assignment until the day before it was due
and then expecting us to finish it like we're, oh, I don't know, the owl from Purdue
or talking so fast and writing so small that we couldn't even read
the mathematical calculations you were expecting us to see
claiming it's so easy that you could do it as a freshman in high school
well, guess what, not everyone is born with a genius calculator brain tool
so we actually need someone who will show us the ropes
so that we can rely on a mentor and not just empty hope
that if we work hard and pay some good old fashioned attention
then maybe, just maybe, we'll grasp some of the crap that you're teaching
and, yes, we can rise above and beyond our own expectations
because we had access to real professors, not just our imaginations
and, believe me, I did vent it out in those course evalutations
but who knows if they actually lead to any considerations
about changing how you teach or conduct business
so, honestly, it's not even worth all the stress
also I just wanted to let y'all know
that I wrote this poem in five minutes flat
which means nothing other than to show
that there's been a lot of built-up crap
so to those of you who really cared and taught me a thing or two
I would like to say a very sincere 'thank you'
and to those of you who couldn't care less about us
well, all I can say is, you pretty much just suck


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