Callow Youth


I’m on the inside looking out

Biding my time till I can stride out

I push and I pull and I purposefully repeat

But these durable bonds are unbreakable

My unlivable cage is indestructible

I yearn to be free

Free to reveal the ideal me

For the genteel me is a fighter –a lover

A sister –a mother


The unreal cannot appeal to the real me

Simply and plainly they don’t look past

Past these bars and these chains

My scars and my pain

But some see nothing

No problem amiss

Keep moving, keep walking

Nothing to see Miss


Every day I don eggshells made of bone

A mask that makes me feel so very alone

Why, you ask?

Do I wear the hated mask?

I’ve learned that most people,

Don their own spurned version of a mask

But those true special few

The ones that consistently rap at you core

Will be the ones that you will feel enraptured towards

Bonds wrought over time

Are most sought out when they don’t cost a dime


Until my temporary callow time is terminated

I’ll escort my mask, to sort through the shallows,

And allow those with persistence

To be the ones to crumble my resistance

And allow me to finally heal

To hale the real me and vitally remove my veil.

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