Call me a clay monster


I'm like wet clay

Altered by the hands of others

Forcibly changed to become what someone else desires

Well liked when expectations are met


I'm cold like a corpse

Seeking the attention, the affection, the warmth that is someone else

Because I am unable to love myself

Unable to fill myself with the warmth and love needed to survive


I'm broken and chipped and dulled

Unmotivated and teary eyed

Depression hits me like a wrecking

Something I can't escape

A constant shackle to my brain


I'm tight chested, deoxygenated, and heavy breathed

I think I'm dying

I'm losing my mind

Panic consumes my body while sweat escapes its grasp

I'm a prisoner of my own brain


I hide behind a curtain because people fear the insane

They throw away the broken because something in good condition is what we crave

We're all a little selfish

It's something I understand

I hide behind the curtain because I don't want to be thrown away


Alone I'd self destruct 

I'm a ticking time bomb 

An undercover monster

Except I'm more harm to myself than I am to others


I have yet to learn to love myself 

So I thrive on the love others

They're my life support

They give me hope


I'm wet clay

Too altered to fix myself

To find my true state

I hide in fear of being unloved and unwanted

One day things will be okay but not today




Clay is strengthened by fire-by pain and madness. It's not eternally able to be molded, just broken. Yet, even then it keeps its strength and merely multiplies-once beaten to dust, it's free.  



That was beautiful and kinda where I wanted people's mind to lead towards when reading

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