Call it Whatever you Want


Starting with no edits;



so, sure, maybe some prejudgement,

but here it goes:


Money makes me mad,

and nice cars make me mad.

All I can think of when I find them in abundance:

“Why them and not those other people?”





Call it whatever you want.


And the grocery store is too loaded for my taste buds.

But when I’m cold, all I want is shelter.

We have it all until we forget our gloves inside.


Intellectual stimulation,



these are our common excuses for the descending, maybe ascending, steps up, or down, the ladder:

the economic ladder,





When I’m sick; vomit splurging and death nearly in sight,

I contemplate these excuses..

these reasons, compensations, ideas.

Again, call it whatever you want.


I rethink them and ask myself: What do you really want to do, to be?

A refugee journalist.

Or a masseuse.

A bread taster for pillsbury.


Answer me, crowd.

Who to be? What to do?

Rob a bank? Become a recluse?

Well, maybe not those. But, come on!

What do you really want to do?


Say, “I want to jump. That’s all.”

And I’ll tell you: make sure you tell the stars I said hello.


Enjoy the food at the grocery store,

but don’t leave your gloves at home;

Make money,

but don’t forget about that jump.


If this all sounds like babble, then remember,

you can call it whatever you want.


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