Dear Friend,

Call me at midnight or 3AM
Ask me to make you laugh again.
Call if you need a friend to hear you cry.
I won't hang up till I know you're alright.
Call me over and we'll watch TV
Pretend that the world isn't real, you and me.
Call me. I'll drive out and we'll go and eat.
Drink coffee and curl up or go catch a movie.
Call me exhausted and I will come home.
I will be there so you're not alone.
Don't let it all bounce and burn in your head.
Talk it out. I'll listen. Call me instead.
Don't be your own echo chamber. Shout.
Sadness rots if you don't get it out.
There's just no reason for you to rot in here.
Call me and don't be held back by your fear.
Call and I'll help you with chores or with life.
I'll do all that I can to help you be alright.
So don't lay awake thinking you're alone at night.
I'm a button away, so tell me, alright?Love,All your friends.PS. Don't suffer in silence. So many people are here for you.


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My community


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